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coaching Feb 15, 2022
Life Coach Brianna Bridges




...and welcome to Brianna’s Best Life, a (real) world where you get to create your best life, however you define that for yourself. This community is about you (yes, I know my name is in it, but it’s more of an ethos than it is about my life.) We’re here to establish some fundamental truths about life so we can augment it to a life of deep fulfillment. And most importantly - we’re here to have fun while doing it. Becoming your best self is hard, but it can also be so joyful and is objectively rewarding - there is literally no way to do it and wish you hadn’t.

I can’t wait to crack this world open and interact with others who are looking for the same enrichment, so let me tell you what this place is, first and foremost.

Best Life is the intersection of life coaching and lifestyle content. I’ll be sharing bits and pieces of psychology-backed coaching practices to help you create space in your life to feel more authentic, gain clarity, and possibly even break through barriers you know (or didn’t yet know) you have. My goal is to help you close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

I’ll also be sharing lifestyle tips that have helped me and others in my life make things easier, more beautiful, more enjoyable, and I’ll say it again - more fun. In a past life I was a professional event planner, so I know my way around travel, day trip planning, food and restaurants, cocktails, and decor. I’m also an avid hiker, so that may make its way into the mix too. 

But I’m also eager to hear what inspires you and what you might want to elevate in your life, because that’s why I’m here - to serve you and your desires for the life you want. I am always all ears either via email at [email protected] or in the comments section.

Being able to declaratively shout “I’m living my best life!” doesn’t stop at a fun weekend event - it’s so much more, and for me, comes down to three things: clarity - for what you want and what you don’t, for your own value and irreplaceable contributions to this world; attitude - how you approach situations, circumstances, and truths about your life; and elevating - the experiences, small things, and surroundings that, with just a little more effort, can bring you exponential joy.

I’m humbled and eager to share ways to tap into all of these areas of life, because you deserve to live your best life now - not someday.

I’ll see you out there!

With love and support,



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