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It’s time to kick people-pleasing and feeling guilty for indulging to the curb.

Consider it gone

What We’re All About

A lot of women face internal battles. Them vs. their brain. If you’re raising your hand, thinking ‘Me! Me and brain are on frenemy terms.’ It’s time for a shift. 

Brianna’s Best Life Coaching transforms troubles like people-pleasing, indecisiveness, uncertainty, and self-doubt into confidence, clarity, and unapologetic ‘I’ll have the caviar’’-level indulgence. 

You deserve it. Now, it’s time to grab it. And I’m with you every step of the way as you claim a life that makes your inner spirit shine.

I'm ready for this

Your Daily Reminder

Say ‘yes’ to the upgrade. Go on the adventure. Listen to your inner voice. Confidently charge into your desires. Ask for help. Receive. Elevate the world around you. Be you. Never compromise on what lights your soul on fire.

My story

You think you have all of the time in world. Until you realize you don’t.

When my dad died suddenly, my whole world shook. His dream was to be an actor, and he was really talented. But he tucked away this dream, and settled for the ‘shoulds’ of climbing the corporate ladder, making good money, going on constant business trips, and sacrificing his precious time on this Earth for things that looked good on paper. 

The man inside 

It would have been one thing if this ambition is what he enjoyed. But he was miserable. Except when he was inbetween trips, brilliantly sketching, painting in watercolors, driving fast cars, and scuba diving. 

He wanted to be a pilot. But he died before he could take his first lesson. 

Seeing myself in my father’s path 

I took a mirror to my own life. The similarities I share with my father. I, too, was in a corporate role, desperately clinging to my next 2 weeks of PTO. That’s no way to live. I thought to myself. 

I fell into my zest for life, leaning into my insatiable curiosity to see what’s behind the bend. It was scary to admit. But the more I became myself, the more I realized the man my dad could have been. And I never want anyone to look back at their life and have a storm of ‘could haves’ following them like a cloud of promises. 

Expanding this into a million lives 

For me, it wasn’t enough to keep the joy, connection, and indulgence in only my life. I see way too many people struggling to tune into their inner voice and welcome in a life that truly lights them up. 

When I say ‘best life’ – I don’t see one gold standard lifestyle that everyone should adopt. I see a million micro lives that sparkle within the people they’re meant for. And if you can define the life you want– you can have it. And trade out all of the ‘could haves’ for ‘dids’. You deserve it.

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