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Clear the clutter from your mind and your environment.

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A novel approach to coaching.


Have you ever wished you could just have a tag team of Queer Eye besties helping you make those cosmetic changes on the outside that profoundly change you on the inside?

That’s me, in a one-woman show.

My Signature 'Fresh Start' Coaching + Environment Curation Package combines deep mindset work with tangible lifestyle shifts you can feel around you.

It's the best option if you’re looking for that 360 degree transformation that you can see short term in your environment and experience long term in who you become.


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Why both?


Our environments are mirrors of the mind.

Oftentimes, when we have certain thoughts in our programming, they manifest for us in physical ways.

Where you might walk into your cluttered house and see a mess that makes you feel unsettled and annoyed, I walk in and see thoughts. Thoughts about yourself, thoughts about how things should be, thoughts about time…


What and who you value shows up in unexpected ways.


That’s why we focus on managing the mind - and all of those thoughts - while we do some tactical work.

We influence our environment, but our environment also influences us, like a loop with no end and no beginning, so we’re tackling both from either side, so that you get a 360 degree transformation by the end of three months.

 There are so many different areas where we see evidence of this, so I’ve offered some concrete categories below that can be explored.

What jumps out to you is probably what you’re in need of.

Mindset topics

Stress and overwhelm

Goal setting


Boundaries and people pleasing


Building healthy habits

Environment Curation services

Home organiation

Interior refresh

Personal style/shopping

Experience building

Time management audit

Personal makeover

How it works:

Phase 1

Setting the scene

Together we'll identify where you're experiencing energy leaks in your life and what you need most in your environment and mindset - to create your best life.

Phase 2

Environment project planning

Next we'll design a plan to curate the lifestyle and environment you've been longing for, so you feel supported and excited to wake up to your life.

Phase 3

Ongoing coaching and execution

This is where we get into the deep work to create those long lasting mindset shifts that will have you filtering out the noise, so you can focus on the joys in of life.

My offer to you

  • 3 full months of mindset coaching that will have you feeling a clarity, calm, and awareness you've never felt before
  • A customized plan to overhaul your environment so it supports you in your newly found best life
  • 1 on-site meeting to get my eyes on your environment first-hand to synthesize exactly what you need from it
  • Up to 2 full days of on-site execution so that you see and feel tangible changes to your environment (see examples below)*

All for $3,5500

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On site execution could include:

  • A personal shopping experience
  • An office/living space/bedroom refresh
  • A decluttering + organization party
  • Makeover
  • Closet cleanout

 *Some EC services do not require on site execution but rather, require that time to be prepared and delivered:

  • Time management
  • Itinerary building, experience curation

Lets get started.

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What if I just want one and not the other?

1:1 Coaching Only Package


If everything around you is perfect, but you’re still struggling with something in your personal life, then you need to dive into 1:1 coaching.

I’m professionally trained to coach on any issue, and have helped clients with a wide range of topics, like managing difficult emotions, creating boundaries with loved ones, reaching specific goals, relationships, self love and confidence, and more.

Once you learn how to manage your mind through coaching, the ripple effect it has in your life is profound.

You will grow in ways you never expected.

You will see your perspective changing.

And you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

1:1 coaching packages come in 3 month increments. We start with a consultation where you tell me what you want to achieve and what your ideal results are, and I’ll assess how long it will take you to get those results.

Depending on how much you want to address in your life, coaching could take up to a year, but most clients feel they’ve reached their personal finish line within six months. Some stay longer because the support they receive is so invaluable. Either way, you get to decide how long you want to stay after three months.

Investment: $2,000+

Environment Curation Only Package


Sometimes you just need a refresh!

Whether you’re just too damn busy, don’t know where to start, or just need that expert eye to help you curate - without all of the deep work - I’m here for you.

Environment Curation Packages are available on a project basis, and start with a simple consultation to assess your needs and if we’re a good fit.

From there, I scope out the project (with some on site assessment, if applicable), deliver an estimate, and you decide if it’s a yes or a no!

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