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Navigating Setbacks

attitude coaching May 03, 2022


Sometimes we think everything is smooth sailing - we feel like we’ve finally gained traction, we’re making headway, there’s clear progress being made toward our goals…

…and then something happens to blow it all up.

When a setback comes our way, they can be tough to navigate. Our confidence takes a hit; we start to doubt our beliefs; we question the path we’ve chosen.

What’s worse is the threat they pose to our best selves. If we dwell on these questions and feelings of devastation and disappointment instead of doubling down on our goals, it can slow us down - or worse, stop us in our tracks and cause us to change course on what we really want. 

What do you do when a setback takes the wind out of your sails?

A few things can help.

First, it might be a good time to simply take a pause and surround yourself with what uplifts you, and let that guide you while you sort out your feelings. Try not to ignore or deny your emotional response and hope it self resolves (because it won’t,) and remind yourself of the valuable things you do have in your life so you’re not simply wallowing in despair. Creating space for constructive introspection can help prevent a downward spiral of doom.

If you can’t get your mind to a constructive place, take some space and get your mind off the problem entirely for the time being. Exercise is always a great way to boost your mood and feel on top again, and exercising your creativity or working with your hands can sometimes help you work issues out in the background. Our subconscious minds are amazing at channeling what needs to be addressed.

Finally, sometimes your heart knows that this setback is just that - a temporary setback. Things will move forward after a brief pause. And when that’s the case, you sometimes just need to have belief in your beliefs, even if they’re being called into question in the moment. If you’re able to do that, then that is true faith in yourself.

Anyone who can harness that will surely move beyond anything life can throw at them. 





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