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How to curate an environment that serves you and your growth

coaching energy environment Jan 24, 2023
Carefully curated desk space

What’s in your sightline?

Look up from wherever you’re reading this - your phone or your computer, and take a look around you.

What’s in your sightline, and how does it make you feel?

Are you smiling in response to your surroundings, or feeling a stress response?

If you’re feeling neutral, that’s fine too.

This is the litmus test for how you feel in the environment you create for yourself.

If you feel neutral in your space, you probably feel safe.

If you feel positive, you may be feeling gratitude, joy, excitement… you just feel good.

But if you look around you and don’t feel either safety or warmth, you’re in an environment that does not support your wellbeing (generally speaking.)

Now - why is this important?

We get to choose what we include in our environment and what we don’t.

You might be tempted to say “well, not all the time,” and while that may be true, you have much more influence than you might think.

You get to choose where you go, who you talk to, what you surround yourself with, and what you commit to.

And when you feel anything less than safe and supported in your environment, you’re creating space to undermine your wellbeing and the power within you.

So how do you protect that power and create an environment that supports your wellbeing?

Start paying attention to when you’re feeling less than neutral - and where you are and who you’re in the presence of when you do.

Stress responses, negativity, procrastination, despondence, overwhelm, fear… anything in this realm is a sign that your environment could use some changes.

It could be as simple as your home needing a good spring cleaning or it could be as complicated as realizing you need a career change. But don’t ignore the signs.

What does a supportive environment look like (and how do I get it?)

When you’ve created an environment that allows you to thrive, you’ll feel joyful 90% of the time.

That’s because everything you’ve carefully curated to bring into it makes you feel like your best self - your home, your friends, your colleagues, your commitments, and your contributions all reflect your highest self and make you feel like you are on FIRE and in flow… ❤️‍🔥

You create this world by weeding out the parts of your environment that don’t serve you - the ones you spotted above.

And it doesn’t have to be hard. Focus on one area at a time and take small steps to eliminate one thing that makes you feel less than neutral and bring something more positive in its place.

The more action you take toward mitigating your energy leaks, the more you’ll find you’re less depleted at the end of each day.

But everything can’t possibly be harmonious all the time… right?

No, but you can actively invite as much harmony as you can into your life.

I’m not saying everything in this world should always feel happy and joyful and there isn’t room for negative feelings - far from it, and there’s a lot to be learned from difficult circumstances and difficult emotions.

But challenges will come our way when we have lessons to learn no matter what.

What I am saying is that you can make your environment a place that allows you to thrive - even when those challenges present themselves to us.

Because no matter where you are, you should never have to feel less than, like an impostor, like you have to prove yourself, like you have to defend yourself, like you aren’t worthy, or like you aren’t safe.

Fortify your environment so you can bring your best energy to everything you do, from being able to love yourself, to being there for others, all the way to trudging through the tough things like inner work and life’s lessons.

And if you don’t know where to start and want an expert to help you, that’s where I come in.

Sometimes it’s just too damn overwhelming, right!?

You’re wondering where to even begin because everywhere you look is a project.

Yeah - it’s a mountain sometimes, but that’s why this coach calls herself a life curator.

While you’re in the weeds of your life, I have a bird’s-eye view and can clearly see what needs to get tackled first, where you can make a big improvement with small tweaks, and where you need to dig deeper.

I don’t just help you create a more supportive environment for your growth - I also help you grow with deep work so that once you curate your ideal life, you never find yourself in the middle of chaos again.

And every time you look up from your phone or computer, you’ll be smiling because you’re surrounded by something or someone you love.



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