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Give your values a good spring cleaning

coaching Apr 12, 2022


Remember when you were a kid and your mom asked you to go through a box of things to get rid of for spring cleaning? Each year, we’d get rid of toys, clothing, shoes, projects from art class - because we outgrew them, either physically or mentally. 

Like all of those boxes of donations, our childhood is a treasure trove for unwanted values, ideals, and habits foisted upon us, and you know what happens? We carry them around as if they are FACT. Gospel. Just the way things are.

The truth is, many of us are carrying around values that we’ve outgrown and no longer serve us because we simply don’t take the time to give our values a good and thorough spring cleaning. It’s just not something society trains us to do, because it’s society that teaches us these values in the first place. 

Taking inventory of our values is critical though. It’s what allows us to identify sneaky little beliefs that we’re holding onto that are holding us back. It’s the key to finding new values that serve us. And it’s those values that are the key to creating a life that we love.

It’s not the easiest task - getting to the bottom of why we have the beliefs that we do is tricky because of how deeply ingrained they are within us. But if you open yourself up to the question “what values are no longer serving me?” and you let yourself be still and quiet your mind, something will usually come up.

All of the thoughts that arise from asking yourself that question are the beliefs that need to be questioned and examined on a deeper level. They came up for a reason, and it could be that they’re keeping you from moving forward or creating a result that you desire.

We do this a lot in coaching - we take a look at what beliefs we’re holding, and then determine how they’re contributing to the life we create for ourselves. So often we’re holding onto values that are running in the background, creating unwanted results, and we need to pull them out and consciously decide if we want to keep believing in that value, or if we want to exchange them for more powerful, more positive beliefs.

That act of exchanging old values that no longer serve us for new ones that do can literally be life changing. If you haven’t consciously thought about your values in a while (or ever,) it might be time to ask yourself this question, and see where you can unleash your potential.




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