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Maybe you’re trying to be someone you already ARE

attitude coaching Mar 15, 2022


I had a breakthrough this week: I already am who I’m trying to be. Or… am I trying to be who I already am?

It really could go either way, but here’s the bottom line: sometimes we create our own imposter syndrome and remove ourselves so far from our belief in ourselves that we end up trying to be who we already are. 


Here’s what happened to me:

Before I launched my business, I had a clear vision for the content I wanted to share, the parts of my life I wanted to share, and how I wanted to help people.

As soon as I got into the mode of “the business has launched and now I need to sustain it and keep up with it and be everything all the time”… I completely lost sight of my vision because I was constantly in my head, overthinking.

I’m sure you can relate - we humans tend to overthink everything when we’re feeling uncertain. So many emotions, such an evolutionary response to needing security.

As a result, I ended up disengaging from my usual sense of self, doubting how I will come across, and falling out of alignment with the essence of what I wanted to achieve - sharing meaningful and useful coaching advice and demonstrating how I’m a product of my own teachings, living my best life.


Self induced imposter syndrome! I created it myself!


I had to take a beat - like, a really good pause on a day when I had time to reflect - and I reminded myself of three things:

  1. Why I wanted to become a coach in the first place.
  2. That I am here to serve the people that originally inspired my why - my reason for wanting to help.
  3. And that I am ready and able to serve them.


When I did that, I realized I was trying to be someone I already am, which is wild because, if I already am that person, why in the world was I trying to BE her? I had become so knocked out of my element that I couldn’t even tap into the belief that I was already where I needed to be, capabilities and all.

Not only that, but I sank even deeper into my belief in my abilities to get results for my clients.

When we find ourselves in a place of doubting, and we’re moving through imposter syndrome and coming from that place, it’s important to reground our thinking. 

Stop and listen to the thoughts you’re having, and notice if they’re creating a story for yourself that isn’t true. Chances are, it’s not a true story. 

Remind yourself of why you’re doing what you’re doing, and realign your energy to that purpose that lives beyond your self.

You are already wildly capable and have what it takes - sometimes we just need a good reminder. 





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