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YASS, Girl!

cocktails Feb 25, 2022

You made it.

It’s Cocktail Friday! Another week has passed, and it’s time to celebrate your weekly wins with a toast.

What are your favorite wins for the week? What can you learn from?

Here are mine:

This week I completed my seventh coaching session since launch which is completely wild to me. I had no idea how quickly things would ramp up, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. With each passing session, I learn more about how to improve, and I’m more and more certain that I’ve found my calling, which is something I wasn’t sure I’d ever be certain of. What a seriously major win and unbelievable gift, right?!

I also thought up a really cool idea that I can’t wait to get started on, because I think it could help more people at scale. More to come on that later!

Now, if you’re in the northeast like me, you could probably stand to warm up with a YASS Girl!:

 1 3/4 oz. silver tequila

3/4 oz. grapefruit juice

1/2 oz. Aperol

1/2 oz. agave

Shake with ice and serve up. And remember: drink responsibly; hangovers are not living your best life.


CHEERS to you and everything you did this week!! I'm excited to hear all about your wins!




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