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3 Ways to reset your vacation brain

lifestyle travel May 24, 2022


You’ve just been gone for a whole, blissful week - a true vacation from your daily life and responsibilities. And then you land back home and immediately feel the pull to get back to everyone ASAP.

But wait! You haven’t even had a chance to get settled - you haven’t even gotten your bag off of the carousel yet! Put. The phone. Down.

We are not obligated to address every missed ping before we have a chance to readjust our minds and bodies to being home. Even though you may have just gotten some R&R somewhere else, it takes time to feel ready and optimized for the day to day routines and responsibilities we hold. 

So before you get back into the mode of opening yourself up to everyone else’s ideas of what you should be doing, take some time to figure out what you need to feel truly reset. Here are a few of mine:


  1. Drink TONS of water.

Drinking half of your body weight of water in ounces is the recommended daily intake (so for instance, if you weigh 150lbs, you should be drinking 75 ounces of water daily.) When I am getting back from traveling, a high stress event, or anything that takes me out of my daily routine, I up that quotient even more to help my body recalibrate and cleanse out any toxins I’ve picked up along the way. It helps to acclimate your body by releasing the water weight it’s been holding onto, too.


  1. Prioritize grocery listing and shopping.

Our bodies go through so much when it is exposed to stress (not even just emotional stress, but simply the stress of being in a different place, climate, activity level, etc.) When I get home, I like to have my grocery list ready so I can get my fridge stocked with healthy, replenishing foods. Whether you have the energy to pop out to the grocery store the same day or next after returning, or you need to leverage that grocery delivery service to save yourself the extra energy, getting the right foods back in your home will help recalibrate your body and boost your mind so you can be your best.


  1. Carve out time for skincare.

You know how the second you get off a plane you feel “planey”? For me that often is associated with my skin feeling dehydrated, yet somehow oily. When I’m returning from somewhere and resetting, I like to dedicate some time that evening before bed to give my skin proper care and a new life. 

My regimen of choice is to cleanse, use a chemical exfoliant (personally I like M-61’s Power Peel pads), use a serum mask (I don’t have a go-to here because I have a zillion masks in my closet from Christmas and birthday gifts at all times), and finally a good moisturizer to seal it all in. 

Whatever your regimen is, it’s simply important to get your skin conditioned back into your home’s climate. 


And pssst. You may be wondering why I didn’t include unpacking in here. It’s because I personally don’t need to unpack right away to feel settled. I could leave that suitcase intact for a week before I dig into it to sort laundry and put things away. But if that’s something that would make you feel unsettled, add it to this list - I know it’s a common one for a lot of us.

What are ways you like to reset before jumping back into the grind? Share your tips so everyone can benefit!




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