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3 Reasons to get excited for Spring

attitude elevate Mar 08, 2022


The days are getting longer. The temperatures are beginning to rise, and the sun is coming out more often… Spring is almost here! And if you’re in the northeast like me, it is MORE than welcome.

With Spring comes that feeling of renewal and rejuvenation, and of possibilities that we’ve all been craving - maybe even needing. Especially with the anxiety we’re all feeling right now with the state of the world, it’s important to take stock in the little things that lift our spirits and lend meaning to life.

While it’s not quite here yet, there are plenty of things to get excited for and start picturing, just to feel a little pre-Spring joy before its arrival. Here’s what I can’t wait for once we’ve consistently hit 55 and above:

  1. Outdoor activities. Unless you’re a diligent bundler or you have to walk your dog several times a day, many of us haven’t been venturing outside for exercise over the winter months. I for one cannot wait to be able to go on my daily walks in my beautiful neighborhood, find new and challenging trails to hike, and get more practice on my awesome roller skates!
  2. The colors! Few things in nature beat the colors of spring (although the colors of fall come in as a close second.) I love seeing lush, green hills getting brighter, pink buds on the cherry blossoms, the beauty of the dogwoods, and flowers spanning the colors of the rainbow popping out of the ground. 
  3. Driving with the windows down. The feeling of freedom and adventure that comes along with driving with the windows down is so exhilarating! Crank that music up and cruise along your route with the sun shining above you.

I also just love seeing the little buds starting to grow on the trees - it’s so exciting!

These simple joys can breathe so much life and gratitude into us if we’re paying attention. 

What are you most looking forward to enjoying this Spring? If you’ve been in warm weather throughout the Winter months, what are you excited about in the coming warmer months?

Take a moment to anticipate the things that will bring you joy - it can provide an instant pick-me-up!




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