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Gin Blossom

cocktails Mar 04, 2022

Wow! Time flies fast.

It’s Friday already - and time again to celebrate your weekly wins and say cheers to yourself!

I had two major wins this week:

I sent out my first subscriber email to contain other facts other than my weekly blog post! 

…and then I learned a major lesson from that. When you send emails with multiple images, Google can flag it as promotional, and my open rate PLUMMETED.

It’s ok though. Now I know what to do for next week’s.

Now, tell me… what were your weekly wins? You’ve been so great at starting to get the conversation going on Insta, so let’s hear ‘em!

This week’s cocktail is a comforting gin-based elixir with a floral twist.

1 1/2 oz. Gin

1 oz  sweet vermouth (or Lillet Blanc if you’d like a lighter flavor)

1/4 oz. orange blossom water (usually found in the grocery store among the Thai flavors)

Cheers to you and all of the lives you’ve touched this week with your unique gifts!




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