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The Wake-Up Call

It’s easy to live life on autopilot. Loving the person. Doing the job. Hosting the holiday. Caring for the child. But sometimes, it can feel like we’re a passenger in our own life. Then one day, we wake up and think, ‘how did I even get here?’ 

It’s in that moment you see all of the people-pleasing, indecisiveness, uncertainty, fear, and self-doubt hit you like a truck. You deserve better. And you know it. Your inner voice is screaming at you to tune in and listen. To make changes. To do the things that light you up. To believe you’re worthy of those terrifying desires. 

Are you ready to listen to it and jump headfirst into your best life?


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Why working with Brianna is different

Let’s just say if your new life was a martini, it’d be one part deep work and one part environment curation. Add a garnish of your vision, and you’re on your way to creating a life you’re obsessed with.  

life coaching

  • A mindset that sets you up for success
  • Respecting the f*ck out of yourself and your needs 
  • Confidence that makes you glow 
  • Decisions that feel juicy good to make, because they’re yours
  • Presence in the life that you’re building 
  • Clarity on where the heck you want to go 
  • Leaning into your desires (yes, the big, scary ones too) 
  • Reaching your goals with heaps of joy in your heart


environment curation

  • Simplifying your life to feel easy 
  • Healthy habits that you want to keep 
  • Beautiful things all around you  
  • Saying ‘yes’ to the upgrade (every damn time) 
  • Basking in the bucket list vacation spots 
  • Buying the products that light you up 
  • Guilt-free indulgence whenever you please 
  • Elevated experiences in each aspect of your life 


The Formula for Your Best Life


Of women who entered the VIP room of their own damn life


People say I have an uncanny ability of really seeing them from the first meeting. That skill helps me get you unstuck. Fast. By combining a nothing-held-back call with a custom workbook for your specific ‘now’ needs, you can plan for a life you adore.

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The creme de la creme for the woman who wants change. Change on every level. The way she thinks, moves, lives, and creates will be challenged in the best way. The result: a life that sets her soul ablaze.

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Queer Eye meets Marie Condo with a generous side of deep work. The Environment Curation Experience looks at how you live holistically, so you can maximize your environment, upgrade your mindset, and live your best life.

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The Best Life Wall of ‘F*ck Yes, You Deserve This’

Doreen S.

Before working with Brianna, I was struggling with guilt and feeling helpless. I decided to hire her because she is thoughtful, strategic, practical, smart & kind, and I knew she could help me accomplish taking the next step while still thinking big.

Caroline L.

The best part of Brianna's coaching is that it’s so easy and valuable. I look forward to our sessions and can’t wait to put into practice the strategies we discuss.

Megan S.

I love working with Brianna. She's nonjudgmental, organized and leaves you with a practical plan. She helps you find the strength & courage you need to be your best self.


Hi, I’m Brianna

When my dad died suddenly, my whole world shook. 

His dream was to be an actor, and he was really talented. But he tucked away this dream, and settled for the ‘shoulds’ of climbing the corporate ladder, making good money, going on constant business trips, and sacrificing his precious time on this Earth for things that looked good on paper. 

And he never got the opportunity to explore. 

So I took a mirror to my own life. The creepy similarities I share with my father. I, too, was in a corporate role, desperately clinging to my next 2 weeks of PTO. That’s no way to live. I thought to myself. 

Not only did I fall into my zest for life, leaning into my insatiable curiosity to see what’s behind the bend– but I decided to take others with me. Brianna’s Best Life is born out of the notion that time on Earth is meant for discovery, experiences, and connection. 

If your heart wants it, you can have it. Never compromise on that.

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