The bespoke overhaul for women who want platinum-level life changes, fast.

Pop the bubbly. Change my life.

I wish someone would come into my life and tell me how to make it my best life.

Someone to actually be in your house. Watching how you work. Observing your habits. And mentally noting the tiny details of how you spend your day-to-day in your environment. 

This may sound like a horror movie. But for my Environment Curation queens, it’s how we go DEEP into their life– what’s working, what’s rough, and how they can craft an environment that sets them up for peace, bliss, productivity, creativity, and daily energy.

I can’t talk right now, I’m doing white glove sh*t

Queer Eye meets Marie Condo with a generous side of deep work. The Environment Curation Experience looks at how you live holistically, so you can maximize your environment, upgrade your mindset, and live your best life.

Through this experience you will:

  • Simplify your life to feel deliciously easy

  •  Create healthy habits that you want to keep

  •  Surround yourself with beautiful things

  •  Say ‘yes’ to the upgrade every damn time

  •  Bask in the bucket list vacation spots

  •  Buy the products that light you up

  •  Indulge whenever you please

  •  Elevate experiences in each aspect of your life

  •  Have more time for what you actually want

  •  Curate a peaceful home

  •  Dig into the limiting beliefs that have been keeping you stuck on autopilot


2 days. One expert. A whole new life.

How it works:

Day 1: You invite me into your home. I’m a (fabulous) fly on the wall who spends the day with you. I’m analyzing your schedule, environment, and habits to get a feel for you and how you spend your time each day. 

Day 2: Time to implement my recommendations and maximize your environment. In these 8 hours, you’ll get a deep understanding of how your life got to this point, and how we can remedy the tough parts, so you never go back to living on autopilot. 

After: I’m out of your hair and you’re basking in this new life. We have follow-up calls so you can maintain the changes, and I send you chocolate-dipped strawberry energy for life.

The Glow-Up Corner

Doreen S.

Before working with Brianna, I was struggling with guilt and feeling helpless. I decided to hire her because she is thoughtful, strategic, practical, smart & kind, and I knew she could help me accomplish taking the next step while still thinking big.

Caroline L.

The best part of Brianna's coaching is that it’s so easy and valuable. I look forward to our sessions and can’t wait to put into practice the strategies we discuss.

Megan S.

I love working with Brianna. She's nonjudgmental, organized and leaves you with a practical plan. She helps you find the strength & courage you need to be your best self.

A lot of our struggles come from inside. But here’s what most coaches don’t say. Addressing the outside makes cultivating a better inside way easier. Your space, your environment, your day-to-day. 


When you can maximize everything that surrounds you, it makes the inside work a hell of a lot easier.


As a recap, you’ll get:
- The 2-Day Bespoke, Private Experience
- 3 Private Coaching Sessions Post-Experience
- 1 Month of Private Voxer Access 

Investment: $5750

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(out-of-state travel expenses are not included)